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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time for the Vows

It was really important to David and I to have our ceremony be very worshipful. We want God in the center of our lives and marriage always and really wanted to set the tone for our new life together by truly inviting God into the ceremony. My daddy dearest officiated the wedding for us and our friends from our college ministry led the ceremony with music. It was amazing! 

Okay folks. Go ahead and take your bathroom break before you read this post because it is loooooooong! 

This is about the time my vows became unintelligible because the flood works started flowing
Aaaaand. Fun fact of the day about Megan: Sometimes, I get into uncontrollable fits of laughter. And yes. We almost went there during the ceremony because I thought it was funny that I was having a hard time getting my vows out through the tears (happy tears) :). 

See. These girls know me. This could have been bad.

But I recovered and we moved forward.

Married :)

Fist pump for the Legates!

All photos provided by Kallima Photography

1 comment:

  1. you were such a beautiful bride! i mean, it was no doubt that you wouldn't have been because you are such a beautiful person! but i absolutely LOVE your wedding pictures! they are all so wonderful to look at. it looks like the most magical day and your beautiful face and stunning features made the wedding more than amazing! congratulations again! :-) very happy for you and your new hubs!