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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mexican Honeymoon

Whew! What a number of weeks. Forgive me for not posting anything in a long time, but I was busy. Ya know, getting married and all :). 

David and I got married on May 29th, 2010. It was a beautiful day with beautiful memories! We couldn't have asked for it to go any better than it did. It was perfect! I'll explain details and post pictures when I get them back from our oober fabulous photographer, Rebekah Hood. My sister has a few on her blog to hold you over until I post. I know you just can't wait :). 

Let me tell you about our honeymoon. David and I went to Playa Del Carmen, which is just south of Cancun in Mexico. We stayed for a week and had an amazing time. It was so relaxing to lay on the beach for a week.

Here we are on the plane. 

And our fantastic room, compliments of my parents time share :). Thanks Mom and Dad!!

David is never as happy as he is when he is lounging on the beach - "La Playa." (David and I spoke spanglish to each other all week)

The next morning started with one of our favorite things on our honeymoon - BREAKFAST TIME. One of the buffet restaurants in the resort had a killer breakfast buffet. The coffee was to die for and we enjoyed sitting and chatting over our delish meal everyday :)

After breakfast everyday, we went to back to our room to change and then hit the beach....

...or the pool.

The next few are pictures of some random, some not so random animals that roamed the resort. 

Yep, thats a donkey...

...and a cat cafe...

Mexican restaurant

 Asian restaurant

Spa pool. These jets were so strong you had to grab on to those metal seats or else the jets would knock you off. Relaxing...kinda :)

What David looked like about 85% of the time while we were on the beach.

Drinks after dinner

These are our married hands :)

Where we lived for 7 days

Like I said, David read and I played with my camera.......and tried to get his attention. I wasn't too successful 

If you decide to get married on a beach in Mexico, you will have a beautiful wedding..... will also have the topless sunbathers in attendance at your wedding ceremony...

Our favorite bar in the resort. The view behind the camera here is the beach. Gorgeous!

Our walk down the beach

Dinner on our last night. Brazilian Steak House. YUMMM.

Good Bye Mexico. Thanks for the amazing honeymoon!!!