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Sunday, December 20, 2009

William and Jul

William and Jul are friends that I met through David and had such a pretty wedding yesterday. I always love a wedding that gets everyone out on the dance floor. Here are just a few snaps of some fun last night.

William and Jul's first dance

My hot date

Miss callie (soon-to-be mrs. callie). A friend from college that I l.o.v.e.

David being his dapper self.

And this is what happens when David decides he doesn't want to dance to the song, "I like big butts."

Monday, December 14, 2009

When I buy a house one day, I want it to look like this

I love how beachy, yet classy it is. So often I think beachy can look tacky. But this chic nailed it.

I love how the white trim looks against the light blue wall and pops with the dark wood floor and dark furniture

L.O.V.E. the sconces on either side of the artwork. I never know what to do over a bed. Thank you Design*Sponge

I like beadboard. And dark wood floors. And lime green walls. And roman shades

I envision this in my home, but in a different letter. Maybe the one before "M"?? : )

Don't those star fish in between the windows add a little fun to that wall?

What do you think? Can't you see me living here??

Sunday, December 13, 2009

You've heard me say it before and I'll say it again....

Eddie Ross is a genius. He gave me the idea for my perforated pumpkins back in October and this month he has, again, inspired some holiday cheer. Lindsey and I decided to Christmas-ify (new word I just made up...look for it in next years Webster's dictionary) our homes by making a Christmas wreath. All you need is a wire hanger, some Christmas ornaments, and some ribbon....and BOOM, there's your wreath.


I thought it would be fun to cut down my own Christmas tree...

so off I went with David, the roomie and her fiance to find the lumber jack in me. What I didn't realize, though, was that the typical fir that I'm used to having in my house each year is not grown in Florida. It cannot, in fact, be grown in Florida. Who knew? "Not I," said the girl trying to be a lumber jack.

PINES. Pines are grown in Florida. Pretty. Just not what I consider a worthy Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree "farm" was, however, a nice photo op.

Meet Stuart and Taylor. David's old roommate and my new roommate. We like having double dates with them. They're getting hitched in June(!!)

Besides the fact that all the trees were pine, we also didn't get one here because they were definition "Charlie Brown" Christmas trees.

Three stops later we finally found a fir that was priced appropriately for two underpaid single girls and carted our little baby home. David proved himself as Christmas tree light extraordinaire.

Sugar obliged when I asked her to pose for a picture. Bless her.

And this is what relaxation looks like


Oh to experience the JOY of being a dog...

Pie in a Jar

Its exactly what it sounds like. Pie. In a jar. A quite delish too : ) Teri and I ventured into what we hope to make a monthly baking night. Frenchie and Flea featured a recipe for Pie in a Jar and well, we just couldn't help ourselves.

Please note: when baking with lots of is best to wear an apron

Pack it in there...

Cover it up (don't forget the butter)...

Sprinkle a little sweetness over the top...