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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

David proposed to me on his birthday.

Is that allowed?? Am I supposed to get diamonds on his birthday?? Well I did. And I'm so excited to share the story!!

To begin, you need to know that I take Sugar to Southwood for a walk almost every day. Its one of the prettiest places, I think, in Tallahassee. David has often come with us. We have a lot of fun memories there.

We had a low key birthday for David this year (until about 5:30 pm). We went to church in the morning and then to a pizza place for lunch. Came back to my house and he opened some presents (Butterfingers from Sugar and clothes and a Raggedy Andy doll from me - he was thrilled about the latter gift).

Disclaimer: David is always trying to get rid of the Raggedy Ann doll that my Mom sewed for me when I was a baby that I still have. So I thought it was only necessary that he have his own Raggedy Andy doll.

We watched a movie and made plans to take Sugar for a walk a little later. We ended up falling asleep during the movie and David woke up in a slight panic because he saw that the sun was beginning to set. He woke me and said, "GO GET WALKING CLOTHES ON" (I was still church clothes). So I got dresses and we hurried out of my house and made our way over to Southwood.

There is one particular opening on the path were there are AMAZING views when the sun is going down. David knew that I loved seeing that part, so he casually suggested that we sit on one of the benches and watch.

We sat down and talked for a minute (about what, I can't remember anymore). Then David said, "Thanks for my birthday." Me: "You're welcome." David: Thanks for my gifts. Me: You're welcome. David: I actually have something for you. Me: You do??????? David: Yea, its in my pocket, I wrote it down. And as he was pulling the box out of his pocket he slipped off the bench and got down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" Me: (TEARS) YES!!!! really?? REALLY???

This is our bench. Just picture David and I in hats and gloves, 30 degrees, and a sunset.

SO. We sat there for a little longer but then decided to continue to walk a little more because Sugar was not okay with sitting next to the bench while we had a little moment.

We were walking and talking and just enjoying the moment and noticed Sugar looking very interested in a squirrel. Being in the good mood that we were we decided that it would be a good idea to let her chase the squirrel.


We spent the next 45 minutes chasing Sugar, who thought this was the best game of her life!! We would run 25 yards and she would run 50. She would let us get within 10 feet of her then she would take off again. In my mind I was thinking, this is going to be the best and worst day of my life. The best because I got engaged. The worst because I lost my dog. 

Eventually, by the grace of God and nothing else, David was able to get close enough to dive at her. He just missed her, but it slowed her down enough that I was able to stomp on her leash (which was still on her) and then tackle her to the ground. Amen. Thank you Jesus!!

So. if you are wondering why we look sweaty and like we had just been to the gym in our first pictures as an engaged couple (below) that's why.

My bling : )

Family photo. We forgave her. How could you stay mad at that face? : )

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby Cupcakes

Home for the Holidays is always the BEST. Our family is very close and we are not very often together since we live far apart, so getting together is always a guaranteed fun time. We weren't completely together since Mike and Nicola couldn't make it across the pond, but we are looking forward to their May visit!!

Moving on. We had a baby shower for Emily and her little bun in the oven. It was way fun with a heated game of baby pictionary, hunting for baby supplies all over the house, LOTS of pink clothes, and yummy food. I was mildly obsessed the with baby cupcakes we made for dessert. They were so adorable and made such a nice centerpiece for the food table.

Mom got the idea from a cupcake book that she got Emily for Christmas. I mean, just look at them. They were adorable. And it was only mildly disturbing to take off their heads and eat them : ).

Here's how we made them

Start off with the same amount of large and small cupcakes

Add food coloring to some icing. We used pink for the faces and green and yellow for the blankets.

Stir it up

Once the faces are iced, put the "eyes" on (chocolate jimmies). We found using tweezers was the best/easiest way to get jimmies on without messing up the icing.

Add some candy binkies and mini marshmellows that are cut in half around the top of the head (not pictured).

Stick a toothpick into the bottom of the face, have a good laugh about the fact that it looks like the baby is smoking, and then....

attach the head.

Set it up on party day

And receive the compliments : )