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Monday, September 27, 2010

We've moved!

The time has come folks. We have moved. This is not something that I have been planning on doing, but certain circumstances have made me move my blog to another site. 

Don't worry. All of the posts that I have posted here have been imported to my new blog, so you will be able to find them there. And the name is the same too, just with wordpress instead of blogspot. 

Thanks for reading about the life of Megan, David and Sugar here and please continue to follow us over on



Thursday, September 23, 2010

To be cliche' : "Time to Celebrate!!"

It was so fun to get our pictures from the reception back from Kallima Photography because it was such a whirlwind. Seeing all of the pictures just reminded us so many things that happened that we had forgotten about. It was a great time with lots of tasty food, dancing, and friends. We loved every minute of it! 

Remember when I told you in the ceremony post that it was a long one? That was a lie. Sorry. This one takes the cake. Enjoy :)

I suprised my Dad with a shake-your-bootie kind of father-daughter dance.

La Bamba is the song my Dad and I used to sing when I was just learning how to talk. It went something like "babababa bamba"

And David and his Mom danced to the same song she danced with his Dad to at their wedding.

Bella Bella catered an amazing spaghetti meal for everyone.

Naturally, everyone wore bibs :)

My Mom's reaction to our slideshow was priceless!

David's best man, Ben, gave a really nice speech for David and I

And my beautiful sister gave a special speech, where she singled me out as a very active, sleep-talker. Yes. Its true. 

Time for some dancing

I love this girl :)

I faked them out for the bouquet toss....

and gave my old roomie a suprise

She was getting married in two weeks.....

to this guy.....we love the Owens!!

Off to Mexico we go!!!

All photos provided by Kallima Photography